Job Interviews: Why bad?

So, there’s this looming monster under the bed called a job interview. It’s like the adult version of the boogeyman, right? But, hear me out, what if we flipped the script and instead of quaking in our boots, we asked ourselves, “Why is it so bad?” Yep, I’m talking about turning those knee-knocking fears into a fun game of self-discovery.

Let’s break it down with this nifty “Why Bad?” tool:

  1. The Dread of Not Landing the Job:
    • Why’s that bad?
      • They might not like me: Could be for a zillion reasons – maybe I’m not a fit for their puzzle or I just need to up my communication game.
      • Wasted time: Sure, it feels like I just threw my time into a black hole, but hey, think of it as ninja training for my interview skills.
      • Confidence nosedive: It’s like tripping on stage, but remember, a single rejection isn’t the grand finale of my career.
      • Learning? What learning?: Even a no-go interview can teach me something, maybe even where the nearest great coffee shop is.
      • My self-image takes a hit: Rejection stings like a bee, but it’s not the whole story of who I am. It’s just a tiny chapter in my epic saga.
  2. What Ifs and Maybes:
    • Instead of camping out in Worst Case Scenario Land, why not think about the good stuff? What if I nail the interview? What if I leave such a sparkling impression they put my photo on their wall?
  3. The Worst That Could Happen… Probably Isn’t That Bad:
    • Most times, my fears are like those puffed-up blowfish, way bigger in my head than in real life. Even if things go south, it’s probably not apocalypse-now bad. Might even be a detour to something cooler.
  4. My “Why” for Everything:
    • Heading into the interview, I’m reminding myself why I’m even doing this. Why this job? Why does it get me out of bed? Having my “whys” in my back pocket is like having a secret superpower.

So, by playing this “Why Bad?” game, I’m turning my fears into a treasure map of insights. It’s about learning from the good, the bad, and the kinda meh. Walking into that interview, I’m armed with confidence, knowing that even the not-so-great outcomes might just be stepping stones to something amazing. Let’s do this!