I created GeoScreenshot after facing a crisis at my workplace about a published web page that looked different from two locations. It was difficult to isolate the cause because we could only test it from limited locations (offices, friends…). I launched Geo after I left that company, it is now in Beta as a SaaS.

[Node.JS, MySQL, Single Page App, Docker, CodeShip]


Personality type database of famous people and fictional characters for entertainment

WordPress, Bootstrap 4, Static Generators, Lunr.js

Fun Experiments

Platonic Dialogues

I parsed some dialogues of Plato into JSON and used AWS Polly to generate an audio version of the dialogues. There is also a chat interface.

[ Quasar Framework, AWS Polly]

Trek Ipsum

A nerdy Star Trek dialogue generator with an API based on the transcript

[ Python Markov Chain, NextJS]