Hiring with mindful discernment

In the fast-paced world of business, the urgency to fill positions often eclipses the importance of mindful hiring. This blog post delves into a more deliberate approach to hiring, advocating for a process that values quality over speed, and character over mere competence.

Faster Isn’t Always Better

The first myth to debunk is that speed in hiring is synonymous with efficiency. While filling a vacancy swiftly might seem advantageous, hasty decisions often lead to misfits, both in terms of skills and company culture. It’s crucial to take a step back and consider the long-term implications of a rushed hire.

Build Consensus on What Is Needed

A key step in conscious hiring is building a consensus among the team about the specific needs of the role. This involves a deep dive into not just the technical skills required but also the personality traits and values that align with your company’s culture and ethos. Such a consensus ensures that the candidate not only fits the role but also integrates seamlessly into the team.

My Company Had a Policy Against Hiring Brilliant Jerks

In my own experience, a significant policy we adopted was the refusal to hire ‘brilliant jerks’. This term refers to individuals who, despite their high intellect and skills, have a negative impact on team morale and collaboration. The ethos is simple: no amount of talent or expertise justifies undermining the team’s spirit and cohesion.

Pseudo Fluid Intelligence Tests Without Preparation

The conventional wisdom of using standardized intelligence tests is increasingly being challenged. These tests often fail to predict job performance accurately and may inadvertently favor certain groups of candidates. Instead, experimental and situational assessments can provide a more nuanced understanding of a candidate’s problem-solving abilities and adaptability – traits crucial in a dynamic work environment.

What Traits Do You Actually Need in the Next 12-24 Months?

Forecasting the company’s needs in the medium term is vital. It’s important to question whether you need a ‘wildcard’ developer capable of fast learning new stacks, or someone who offers thorough but stable performance. The answer lies in aligning the candidate’s strengths with the company’s trajectory and the specific challenges it expects to face.

Do Not Give Tests That Your Own Team Cannot Pass

A common pitfall in hiring is setting unrealistic standards – tests or challenges that even your current team members might struggle with. This approach not only narrows down your pool of potential candidates but also sets an impractical benchmark for future hires. It can come across as poor virtue signaling, deterring genuinely capable and well-suited candidates.

In conclusion, conscious hiring is about striking a balance between the skills needed and the human element – understanding that the right person for the job is not just about what they bring to the table today, but how they will grow with your team and contribute to its culture in the long run. This approach to hiring not only fosters a more cohesive team but also supports sustainable growth for the company.

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